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“I had a meeting with Michael Jackson. I studied his look. Your look is incredible. You’ve got it. You look just like him.”

Howard Stern • "King of All Media"

“Powerful Performance, brought back memories of our brother.”

The Jacksons

“You look more like Michael than He does” Weird Al Yankovic • Actor / Entertainer 

“Thank you for the great performance at my Vegas party, Made my night!”

Boxing Champion • Floyd Mayweather

“Pleasure to have you on the show. That was weird, but great!”

Jimmy Kimmel

"When I met you before the show I was really freaked out by how much you looked like him. Thanks for celebrating our 10th Anniversary with us ."

Conan O'Brien

I've met Michael on a few occasions, he couldn't have been nicer. Same goes for you". Jon Bon Jovi

"I saw you on the poster in my dressing room. I was hoping we'd get a chance to meet after the show."

B.B. King

"I do a mean Michael impersonation myself. You gave me a run for the money

Carrot Top

"I've met Michael a couple of times and worked with him on the 'We Are the World' m music video. It was qiute fun to work with you in the 'Ruttles' video

Cyndi Lauper 


“Watching Rogers is as close as most of us will ever come to seeing Michael live.” Matthew Schliesman,

Capitol Civic Centre. 

“Joby Rogers is the greatest Michael Jackson Illusionist in the Country.”
Gary Graig - President: American Entertainment Company 

“Your attention to detail was nothing less than amazing!"

Culver Academy, Indiana

“Fantastic from start to finish... great performers...The title “Ultimate Michael Experience” truly represents the show... it is an experience.”

Leroy Van Dyke Enterprises 

"Rogers & his dance team travel all across the country, giving audiences a performance unlike anything they’ve seen, bringing back the King of Pop for all to see."

Dominic Turnea: Ohio University

“Thrilling", is the best word to describe the Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience”.

Monty Siekerman: ADA Icon

“Joby Rogers presented an exciting & “spot on” performance that Honored Michaels talents...as real as it gets. Thank you for bringing the spirit of Michael to Wisconsin.”

Matthew Schliesman:
Capitol Civic Center Wisconsin 

"Energy, excitement & passion radiated through Welte Auditorium as soon as impersonator Joby Rogers stepped on stage."

The Recorder - CCSU 

“This production envelops the audience in a wave of visual excitement not seen since Michael’s final concert. Joby’s production is an exhilarating performance preserving the legacy of this entertainment icon.”

The Arts Boston 

“The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience” provided audiences with music, moon walks, & the same, heartfelt feeling one would expect to experience from an actual Michael Jackson concert".

 Northern Review

"Thank you for traveling to Southern California to perform at our function. We wanted to treat our guests to an amazing evening that they’d never forget, and your presence created that for them. Nothing could have prepared me for how much I enjoyed it. I can see why you’re the best at what you do". 

Tanya G. • Verizon Wireless

"Thank you once again for making our event infinitely more memorable with both your performance and your generous interaction with the audience.

 Everyone was stunned and thrilled when you appeared. They were buzzing about your performance all night long. And they're still talking about it. 

Everyone simply could not get over how talented you are and what an exciting performance you delivered. Your performance took our 80s theme party to a whole new level. Thank you for being so engaging, for interacting with everyone on such a genuine level, and taking the energy of the party to a far higher level".

 Gary B. • Double Tree Hotels

"Your performance and you're dancers were energetic, strong and sharp. The audience went wild over each number. You are one incredible performer and we are so fortunate that you chose to perform at the Stadium. I will be in touch to book you and your team again." 


Stadium  Theater • Rhode Island

“The crowd really enjoyed the Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience tonight. We loved seeing our patrons having a good time. I first saw Joby at the APAP showcase in NYC and as soon as I saw him I knew I wanted to bring him to New Orleans" .

Columbia Theater 

"Joby Rogers brought in the largest crowd in the history of our presenting events  for our Summer Concert Series. Everyone loved the performance."

Steve R. • Restore With the Arts • North Carolina 

"You went above and beyond the call of duty and we are grateful for your generosity. Thank you again for an amazing evening. We have always been fans and I know that the many members who attended are now fans too."

Todd. C • Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 

"The show was amazing and exceeded all of our expectations. We will keep you in mind for anything MJ related in the future. You and your crew were amazing to work with and great performers.  Thanks again!"

Turning Stone Casino • NY

"The Millennium Party was out of this world. Our attendees are still talking about it. The comment we heard over and over was who needs 'name' entertainment when you can have a night like this. It was the best party we've ever done. "

Charles E. • Merrill Lynch 


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