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“Watching Rogers is as close as most of us will ever come to seeing Michael live.” Matthew Schliesman,

Capitol Civic Centre. 

“I had a meeting with Michael Jackson. I studied his look. Your look is incredible. You’ve got it. You look just like him.”

Howard Stern TV / Radio Personality

“Joby Rogers is the greatest Michael Jackson Illusionist in the Country.”
Gary Graig - President: American Entertainment Company 

“Your attention to detail was nothing less than amazing"

Culver Academy, Indiana

“Fantastic From Start to finish... great performers...The Title “Ultimate Michael Experience” truly represents the show... it is an experience.”

Leroy Van Dyke Enterprises 

"Rogers and his dance team travel all across the country, giving audiences a performance unlike anything they’ve seen, bringing back the King of Pop for all to see."

Dominic Turnea: Ohio University

“Thrilling, is the best word to describe the Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience”.

Monty Siekerman: ADA Icon

“Joby Rogers presented an exciting and “spot on” performance that Honored Michaels real as it gets. Thank you for bringing the spirit of Michael to Wisconsin.”

Matthew Schliesman:
Capitol Civic Center Wisconsin 

"Energy, excitement & passion radiated through Welte Auditorium as soon as impersonator Joby Rogers stepped on to the stage."

The Recorder - CCSU 

“This production envelops the audience in a wave of visual excitement not seen since Michael’s final concert. Joby’s production is an exhilarating performance preserving the legacy of this entertainment icon.”

The Arts Boston 

“The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience” provided audiences with music, moon walks, and the same, heartfelt feeling one would expect to experience from an actual Michael Jackson concert".

 Northern Review